Compassionate and Humane approaches to

Working with Psychosis and Voices

A 3 day experiential training that explores:

Living well with Voices

16-18 March 2020 - Morphett Vale,  Adelaide SA

Cost: $770 (inc GST)

Experiences of voice hearing, paranoia, hallucinations and other extra-

ordinary perceptions can hold significant meaning and importance for a person on their journey.


Literature demonstrates that as a person comes to understand and make sense of their experience they  become skilful in coping well and working with voices, not as an aberrant symptom of illness, but as a potentially meaningful response to life experiences. Making sense of voices is an invaluable part of a personal recovery journey for many individuals.


Approaches demonstrated to be supportive on the journey of hearing voices

Includes accepting and making sense of the experience. This 3 day exploration of working with voices and other unusual experiences offers an experiential opportunity to develop skills to work with your own voices or support other voice hearers in a human to human relational approach

This 3 day training is part of the first intensive block in the 12 month course. First preference for places for this training will be offered to those attending the 12 month training.

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