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Course prospectus

The Centre for Human Relations seeks to draw together a community of resources and supports for people experiencing any kind of human distress.

We provide a National Register of professionals working from relational models with people experiencing what are often referred to as 'non-ordinary states' or difficulties.


We also offer a 12 month training certificate for practitioners wishing to gain skills and deepen into their work with people experiencing the full range of humanness.

Graduates of the 12 month certificate will be listed on the National Register as being certified by HUMANE Clinic and be offered referrals as they arise in your local area.

The Rationale:

Continued gaps across adequate training, supervision and mentoring of professionals who work with people experiencing extreme distress means that people experiencing  'psychosis', voices, self harm or suicide, many of whom are subject to labels such as BPD, Schizophrenia, DID or Bipolar, have limited access to psychotherapeutic informed approaches as a choice in options for support.

The Centre for Human Relations has been developed by the Humane Clinic’s Stephane Mitchell and Matthew Ball

Humane Clinic has become something of a default alternative for people seeking support for themselves or their family members when they are in distress, but this continues to fail to meet the needs of choice and access locally and nationally.


To this end we have established the practitioner directory and a national training package with the hope that psychotherapeutic supports might be available, in each community around the country, for people seeking supports outside the illness paradigm.